Psychologists involved in organizational psychology are concerned with the issues of leadership, job satisfaction, employee motivation, organization communication, conflict management, organizational change, and group processes within an organization. Organizational psychologists often conduct surveys of employee attitudes to get ideas about what employees believe are an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Usually serving in the role of a consultant, an organizational psychologist makes recommendations on ways problem areas can be improved. For example, low job satisfaction might be improved by allowing employees to participate in making certain company decisions, and poor communication might be improved by implementing an employee suggestion system.

Professionals in organization development implement organization-wide program designed to improve employee performance. Such programs might include team building, restructuring, and employee empowerment. Organizational Psychology a field that utilizes scientific methodology to better understand the behavior of individuals working in organizational settings. Industrial and organizational psychology (also known as work psychology) which is the scientific study of employees, workplaces, and organizations. Industrial and organizational psychologists contribute to an organization’s success by improving the performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being of its employees. An I O psychologist conducts research on employee behaviors and attitudes, and how these can be improved through hiring practices, training programs, feedback, and management systems. I–O psychologists also help organizations transition among periods of change and development. Industrial and organizational psychology is related to organizational behavior and human capital.

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